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Content is the heart of your digital assets such as website and social media profiles or channels. Also, you may say that Content is the King. Indeed, in this digital era, you project your digital face to your target market through the content. Therefor, quality, original and unique contents are prerequisites.

Here are 9 reasons why you need to have perfect content writing for you website.   


iDUDES has skilled, qualified, creative, and crazy content writers. Content writing is not just writing around the keyword, as many so-called professionals do. Keywords are only part of the content’s writing. On the other hand, advanced and AI powered search engines now understand when an article is trying to cheat the search engines with keyword stuffing. So, here are some of the key characteristics that should be included in an article. 


One of the most crucial components of advertising and marketing is copywriting. People are inspired or motivated to do a specific action through the crafting of persuasive material, also referred to as copywriting.

The words on the full-page advertisement for wrist watches that you see when you open a newspaper are the result of copywriting. The words on the page of a website that asks you to make a purchase are the result of copywriting. Copies are available in print, online, and even on radio or television. You can nearly always find copywriting everywhere in many forms. 


Copywriters are those who have received training, acquired experience and qualified in how to use language to connect with a target prospects and persuade them to take action. Apart from any other, copywriters are creative rare species. you are searching for those rare species, you are in the right place. iDUDES, provides you industry expertise yet competitive in price. Contact us now to get your selling copy for Social media channel, website, magazine or news paper.