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How iDUDES Generates Happiness? Life changing story of iDUDES.

iDUDES generates happiness? What is it? The pursuit of happiness drives us all, propelling us to shape our lives in various ways. Happiness finds its wings through freedom, becoming the bridge to its attainment. Now, let’s explore the fascinating connection between iDUDES and happiness. Allow me to unveil how iDUDES generates happiness for all, and at the heart of it lies the simple truth: iDUDES grants freedom to one and all.

Why did iDUDES come into being?

In 2022, I embarked on my journey as a Corporate Executive in the UAE, brimming with expectations. Despite the modest salary, I forged ahead, considering my limited regional experience. However, the paycheck barely covered 75% of my expenses. I anticipated a cosmopolitan city and a dynamic office environment, yet within a week, reality struck. Challenges emerged, posing a threat to happiness. I couldn’t help but question my decision to leave a successful career and a senior managerial role in Sri Lanka.

Let me provide a brief overview. The aftermath of Covid-19 and political turmoil cast a shadow, plunging the nation’s economy into uncertainty. The peak of this turmoil occurred between March and July of 2022. Protests, fuel shortages, and unrest created an atmosphere of fear for my family’s future. Despite my financial stability, the nation’s environment was far from welcoming. These circumstances led my family to seek relocation in the UAE. Now, let’s delve into why and how iDUDES came about.

Navigating the Corporate Maze:

Reality hits hard. The relentless hours, the seemingly boundless tasks, micro-management, weak connections between departments, opportunistic bosses, and internal politics all conspire to brew a concoction of tension and stress within an organization. On the other hand, insufficient compensation only magnifies the burden.

It’s truly astonishing how individuals tolerate a corporate culture that fails to meet their expectations, leaving happiness as an elusive dream. For me, these scenes were nothing short of a nightmare. 

Honestly, I’ve been daydreaming about a place where everyone can work together like pals, enjoying their time, stress-free, pouring their hearts into their work where happiness overflows. 

That’s how the idea struck me: why not start a company, a place for “Friends”? When you work with your buddies, it’s a blast—no stress, total freedom, and a chance to unleash your creativity and innovation. And that’s how iDUDES came to life!

This prompted a decision – I chose not to change others, but to transform myself. I founded a company in an industry where my passion could harmonize with my skills. And so, iDUDES, a digital marketing agency, was born. But the question remains: how does iDUDES generates happiness to its stakeholders?

The Formula: How iDUDES Generates Happiness?

Picture a corporate realm with a diverse ensemble – owners, employees, clients, governmental bodies, and more. The common thread binding them all is freedom, a catalyst for happiness. Allow me to illustrate how iDUDES deftly wields this catalyst to brew happiness for every participant.

idudes generates happiness

Empowering Employees with Joy:

Picture a place where workers shine with joy, like guiding lights in the dark. But the crux lies in the iDUDES’ heartbeat: freedom. It’s not just a concept; it’s a resounding anthem that echoes throughout the iDUDES’ sphere. This anthem of freedom resonates through:

– Financial Independence: A fair and timely paycheck.

– Expressive Liberty: A platform for ideas to flourish.

– Stress-Free Haven: A sanctuary free from tension.

– Embracing “No”: Affirming individual choices.

– Nurturing Innovation: Providing fertile ground for creativity.

– Staying True to One’s Role: Celebrating individual job roles.

Ultimate result of freedom is, iDUDES generates happiness.

Harmonizing Collaboration:

Currently, iDUDES operates using a crowdsourcing strategy. Our business model brings all these people together to deliver value to our most valuable customers. These freelancers receive the right value for their services, and we recognize them for their projects. However, we rigorously monitor the process to ensure disruptive solutions for our customers. 

iDUDES Illuminating Clients’ Lives:

Now, let’s zoom in on a story. Allow me to introduce Ibrahim – the owner of a gents’ salon in Barsha, UAE. Struggling to find his footing, he sought solace in his role as my hairstylist. After some cajoling, he embraced the realm of social media and Google Business Profile. Though he had a social media channel, it had been inactive for a long time. My task was clear – breathe life into it, optimizing it for his target audience. To amplify his footfall, I worked on his Google Business Profile, optimized it and verified it in Google map as the first step. Simultaneously, I devised enticing promotional strategies, leveraging my marketing expertise. The result? Ibrahim’s salon soared, a testament to transformation. It’s a simple equation: a flourishing business equals financial freedom, and this financial independence generates happiness. This was the first experience which iDUDES generates happiness. 

Sowing Happiness Seeds in Society:

But pause a moment – how does iDUDES’ happiness mission infiltrate society? The answer is simple: happiness is infectious. When people spread happiness, the whole community feels a warm and shared happiness. It’s like watching small waves move across a calm pond, one smile at a time. This is how iDUDES generates happiness to the whole society. 

Happiness – a common aspiration that drives our actions. It’s like the compass guiding us towards our desired state. And what connects iDUDES with happiness? Well, again how iDUDES creates happiness for all? I repeat the answer, iDUDES offers freedom to all, the key to happiness.

Small action, but big impact on happiness; iDUDES generates happiness

let’s sum it up. We at iDUDES contribute to making our local community happy. How about you? Our lives are short, so during this brief time, how do you bring happiness to those around you? Sometimes, we showcase our efforts on social media to make the world better, but within your own workplace, you stress people out unnecessarily.

This might seem like a small action from our startup, yet we’re aiming to set an example for all other companies in our limited time here. You don’t need grand gestures to create a pleasant workplace; simply be kind, laugh, forgive, show appreciation, acknowledge others, and ensure everyone sticks to their roles.

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