Our Story

Our Story

Our story starts unintentionally

Hello dudes, iDUDES was never a intentionally started business. It started as a result of a request of our hair dresser in Al Barsha, Dubai. Well, let me tell you our story.

Just after the Covid 19 hit, salon permitted to open their businesses. Then, I and my friend went for a hair cut, as expected the salon was fully dried up. In fact, owner was hopeless.

After some cajoling, he embraced the realm of social media and Google Business Profile. Though he had a social media channel, it had been inactive for a long time. My task was clear – breathe life into it, optimizing it for his target audience. To amplify his footfall, I worked on his Google Business Profile, optimized it and verified it in Google map as the first step. Simultaneously, I devised enticing promotional strategies, leveraging my marketing expertise.

Our Approach

Tiny but Creative Solutions Make Big Impact

The result? Ibrahim’s salon soared, a testament to transformation. It’s a simple equation: a flourishing business equals financial freedom, and this financial independence generates happiness. This was the first experience which iDUDES generate happiness. 

Our journey started with a web development for a salon, now we do Website Development, SEO Handling, Content Writing, Copywriting, UX/UI Designing, Logo Designing, Local SEO Service or Google Business Profile Optimization and Social Media Marketing. 

On the flip side, we were going through a tough time dealing with heavy workloads at our jobs. Long hours, low pay, stress, no recognition—just pure frustration. I’ve been pondering for months on how to break free from this cycle of stress.

Honestly, I’ve been daydreaming about a place where everyone can work together like pals, enjoying their time, stress-free, pouring their hearts into their work. That’s how the idea struck me: why not start a company,

a place for “Friends”? When you work with your buddies, it’s a blast—no stress, total freedom, and a chance to unleash your creativity and innovation. And that’s how iDUDES came to life!

iDUDES is for everybody

Now we are a properly functioning digital agency. Obviously, we are not only for startups or small to medium companies, but for everybody.  Let us know your requirement, we would help you as a friend or dude.


We believe, we have started the digital era but not in the epicenter of the digital era. So, be ready for the biggest revolution coming soon. 

Book your online space today with digital properties. Hand over your business’s website development, SEO handling, Content Writing, Copywriting, UX designing, Logo designing, Local SEO service or Google Business Profile Optimization. 

Strong Team

Meet our creative, innovative, competent fun loving team. I am sure you would love hanging around with them. 

Manager - Digital Marketing & Business Development
Manager - Digital Operations & Business Development
Manger - IT Operations

Join with iDUDES as a Freelancer

How We can Help You

As we employ a crowdsourced business model, you’ll discover that we are the most cost-effective digital agency in town. Nevertheless, our service quality is premium, delivering performance-targeted solutions to bring happiness to our clients. Importantly, iDUDES will stand by you as a friend until you feel at ease with our solutions.

We always win small & medium businesses hearts

Our service is creative, innovative and disruptive to beat the competition in your market, yet we are highly affordable for all. 

We Create Products


Some of you might think maintaining digital space for a small business is not affordable. However, iDUDES provides cost effective yet creative and innovative solutions those exactly fit into your budget. I would like to tell you, meeting customers or available for your customers in online space is a must in this era, but only if you are thinking of increasing your revenue. Also, believe me, this is the secret of most businesses that have grown to be giants